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"Multi-hop" means that traffic flows between multiple points along its route from the entry gateway to the exit nodes, something like changing planes a couple of times during a long trip. Inside the network, internal routes are varied, traffic is mixed alongside that of other users, and random delays get inserted to defeat traffic analysis. This technique, known as “server cascades,” provides many of the same features and benefits as Tor. (And since the Deep State spy agencies are running most of the Tor exit nodes these days, we think it might even be better.)

For technical specs and details regarding this network, please see this page. Because of its multi-hop architecture, this VPN is less suitable for video streaming applications such as watching HD and 4K movies.

Why does anybody need this much security? Obviously individual threat models vary. But as surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden said in a recent interview:

"We should not live [our] lives as if we are electronically naked.... Mixed routing is one of the most important things that we need in terms of regular infrastructure because we haven’t solved the problem of how to divorce the content of communication from the fact that it has occurred at all... The problem with communications today is that the internet service provider knows exactly who you are. They know exactly where you live. They know what your credit card number is, when you last paid, how much it was. You should be able to buy a pile of internet the same way you buy a bottle of water. We need means of engaging in private connections to the internet. We need ways of engaging in private communications. We need mechanisms affording for private associations. And ultimately, we need ways to engage in private payment and shipping, which are the basis of trade."

We find it hard to disagree with those opinions. Like Tor, our Max VPN product provides the "mixed routing" Snowden is talking about. Don't let your ISP, or some unaccountable government, spy on you by living your life "electronically naked!" Take action by subscribing today!

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