Our Max VPN: Technical Specs

So what is it that makes this product so secure that it rivals Tor? And presumably makes it worth paying hundreds of dollars a year to use? For the technically inclined, or the intellectually curious, we describe on this page some of the many techniques and features used in this ultra-secure network to safeguard both user data integrity and anonymity.

The following diagram may help in visualizing the network topology. (Countries mentioned are for illustration purposes only.)

VPN Max topology diagram

Client-to-Network Encryption

This refers to cryptographic algorithms applied to connections between the user's client and the network, as well as to connections between nodes within the network.

Tunnel/Transport Protocols

Anonymization Methods

These are heuristic strategies designed to help maximize user anonymity.

Anti-Correlation Methods

These are policies adopted to make it harder to associate user inputs with network outputs. (E.g. to break the correlation between, say, your clicking on a link and the request being sent to the website.) Breaking this association helps to defeat traffic analysis.

Separation of Concerns

These strategies are utilized to make the network's operation harder to attack in a business or legal sense.

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