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Our ÉlanVPN Max service is a premiere multi-hop VPN which lives up to its name. Multi-hop means that traffic flows between multiple points along its route from the entry gateway to the exit nodes, something like changing planes a couple of times during a long trip. Inside the network, internal routes are varied, traffic is mixed alongside that of other users, and random delays get inserted to defeat traffic analysis. This technique, known as server cascades, provides many of the same features and benefits as Tor. (Actually, given that the Deep State agencies in various countries are now running most of the Tor exit nodes, it might be even better.) Because of its multi-hop architecture, this VPN is less suitable for large streaming applications, such as watching 4K movies.

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Elegantly Convenient!

No special hardware required.
  • Software-only solution.
  • Both individual and multi-user packages available.
  • Simple to install and use.
  • Support for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.

What good is a VPN service?

Using a VPN service protects personal information by hiding your identity, location, and IP address.

ÉlanVPN provides premium VPN services using only dedicated encrypted network architecture. We aren't just bouncing traffic off of a VPS somewhere, or renting space in the cloud. To learn more: ÉlanVPN Max.

Why ÉlanVPN?

Because we're a properly configured premium VPN service, plus a lot more.

We run on our own network hardware, with a dedicated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Our team has 50 years of experience dealing with software privacy issues. And our vision and product offerings extend beyond VPN technology to secure devices, encrypted communications software, and even to untraceable digital cash technology.

Simple to use!

How to use our service:

  1. Select your VPN plan.
  2. Download and install our VPN client.
  3. Connect to our network.
  4. Log in using your credentials (automated except on smartphones).
  5. Simply use your favorite browser, email client, and other software just as you normally would!

Plans and Features

ÉlanVPN Max Monthly

$18.00 per month
(save 10%!)

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ÉlanVPN Max Quarterly

$48.00 for three months
(save 20%!)

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ÉlanVPN Max Annual

$144.00 per year
(save 40%!)

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Use Cases

ÉlanVPN's VPN packages have a use case for almost everyone. Here are some examples:

Road warriors and freelancers.

Are you part of the gig economy? Using public WiFi in hotels, coffee shops, and AirBnBs to get work done is great for convenience, but not so good for privacy, and downright bad for data security.

Lawyers, accountants, and business consultants.

Do you handle sensitive client data on your computer? Even in your own home or office, your online activities can be monitored. Encrypting your internet connection with ÉlanVPN shows that you're being proactive, and gives you a competitive advantage.

Social media users.

Social media companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are notorious for tracking your every move and post, and linking them with your IP address. Connecting to these sites using ÉlanVPN will help you monkey wrench their invasive data mining.

Consumers of online content.

Tired of seeing YouTube videos, TV programs, sports, games, or news sites blocked because they're “not available in your country”? Élan's VPN services can give you a whole new perspective on the web, because they effectively change your location!

Small and medium size businesses.

With a VPN, everyone on your team can secure their connections. ÉlanVPN's multi-user subscription packages are perfect for your business, or for your family!

Journalists and bloggers.

Do you need anonymity to protect yourself or your sources, or the ability to post anonymously without revealing your identity or location? ÉlanVPN Max not only provides an encrypted internet connection that conceals who and where you are, but also gives you email addresses in a private cloud (so that email headers won't give you away), plus secure storage for your uploaded data files.

Frequent travelers.

ÉlanVPN lets you secure your connections against eavesdropping, and also helps you avoid blocked content.

Anyone who cares about their privacy online!

Even if you don't fall into any of these groups, why give your ISP, or your government, any more data than you have to? Be a part of the solution instead. Join us in taking a stand for privacy on principle!

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